Finding and Protecting Your Home in the Age of Climate Change

You shouldn't need a PhD to know how climate change threatens your home. Learn from Quoll how to beat it. 


Meet Quoll - Guiding Your Home's Climate Change Resiliency

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Quoll is a FREE web platform that helps current and prospective homeowners protect their family and finances by climate-proofing their homes. Even basic resiliency can mean major savings and ensures that your home maintains its long-term value.

Today you are on your own to figure out what climate change means for your home. Unfortunately, unless you are a climate scientist, that is near impossible to do. But that is where Quoll comes in.

What Quoll Does

Give the Climate Change "So What" for Every Home

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We combine all the climate science models/risk types, economic trends, and home improvement history datasets to offer the most complete scoring ever of how prepared each specific house is (annual costs, long-term value, predicted one-off repairs etc) for climate change. 

Make Home Resiliency Improvements Actionable

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We provide an actionable list of improvements (with spelled out economic benefits) for each house, based on your budget, and ranked by how much it improves the overall outcomes for your home. Plus we connect you to top vendors in the area who can do the work.

Aggregate Discounts and Incentives To Bring Costs Down

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We pool all the discounts we can find, from vendors as well as your industry stakeholders (insurance, bank, inspectors, hardware and service providers, government etc) who all collectively benefit from you becoming more resilient. Pooling resources lets everybody win.

Quoll is drives resiliency empowerment. Only you know the right decisions for your family, but we want you to know your options.  Telling you your risks is good, but helping you solve them is even better. 

How Quoll Empowers Every Phase of Home Ownership


Helping Buyers Pick the Right Home

Nobody should be blindsided by climate change. In fact, it should be a major factor in choosing a home and ensuring you get the best price.


On Quoll you can browse homes in the market and see what specific risks each unique home is facing, what that means for your ownership costs, and which resiliency improvements we would recommend you make. Compares homes and find out the right questions to ask. Whether you are looking for the highest score possible, or maybe the fixer-upper with the greatest upside - we've got you covered!

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Helping Sellers Maximize Value

Studies show that better prepared homes appreciate faster. Improving resiliency is the best possible way to protect your family's investment.

When selling your home, Quoll helps you differentiate it to buyers and get credit for all you have done to make it resilient. We also arm you with trends for how homes with your climate scores fare in the market vs. others and ensure you are properly prepared for the sale process. Climate change risk is on more and more buyers' minds and the question of how prepared this home is will come up. With Quoll, you'll have an answer!

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Helping Buyers Pick the Right Home

Nobody needs to be blindsided by climate change costs. In fact, they should be a major factor in choosing a home, ensuring you get the best price.


With Quoll you can browse homes to see what specific risks each unique home is facing, what that means for your ownership costs, and our recommendations for the best resiliency improvements to consider making. Quoll compares homes and helps you ask the right questions. Whether you are looking for the highest score possible, or maybe the fixer-upper with the greatest upside - we've got you covered!

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Helping Owners Afford Their Homes

Climate change is leading to skyrocketing annual ownership and one-off fix costs, all of which challenge every owner's ability to afford their homes.


With a house-specific list of recommended improvements, we make lowering those costs and protecting your investment easier and more actionable. Suggested improvements come with payback and other financial insights, plus we connect you with industry-leading sellers to ensure you get the best pricing possible. We even pool discounts from vendors that also benefit when you proactively protect your home! 


You're Already Paying for Climate Change!

Nobody is likely telling you but make no mistake, the costs resulting from an increase in severe weather events and changing habitability across the country are growing exponentially, and they are getting passed down to you.

How sure are you that you are protected?

Recurring Costs


Insurance rates are increasing across the board as insurance companies pass on the costs of climate risk to you, the consumer. Many insurance companies have decided it isn't even worth offering full coverage in your area.


Local, state and federal governments are facing budget shortfalls and their own rising costs from climate change. Those costs are passed down to you, the taxpayer, every year, whether you benefit directly or not.

Utility bills

America's infrastructure is old and not prepared for climate change. Utilities are racing to modernize, but that creates extra costs which are passed down to the consumer. That means rising bills but less reliable service. 

Unforeseen Costs

One-off repairs

Catastrophic events are becoming more common - just look at the news! So are repairs you assumed were farther off. Roofs aren't lasting as long, house systems are getting replaced more frequently, and so much more. 


Homes that are better prepared for climate change appreciate 2-3x faster than those that are not prepared. That means huge value difference, especially as consumers become more attuned to climate risks. 


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